>> Friday, September 18, 2009

What in the world do you do with those cute baby clothes our little ones
outgrow so quickly???? are they in the attic or closet sitting in a box????

I wanted to be able to still enjoy my daughter's 1st memories by seeing her
clothes displayed in some sort of quilt and this is what i came up with for her 1st b'day!!

I call it a "1st year quilt" because essentially that is what it represents, the 1st years worth of clothing.

These quilts make wonderful keepsakes...

General sizing is 48" x 68-70"...each quilt consists of 12 squares to display those tops, pants, dresses, onesies, 1st bibs, socks, hats, etc.

Smaller versions can be done as well.

It usually takes approx 4-6 weeks to complete a quilt depending upon how busy my schedule is at the time of ordering.

I like to let the clothing dictate the direction of the colors/patterns/fabrics i use on the quilt but of course can do any special requests.

$250 for regular binding
$275 for ruffle binding

1/2 deposit required at time of order....remainder of deposit due before shipping/picking up.

Click on each picture to see larger image....

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